Jocelyn James

Web developer, human rights specialist, artist

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Who Am I?

I am a multi-talented web developer with a diverse background and interests. I have traveled and lived all over the world, and speak English, French, Spanish, and some Arabic. I love doing anything artistic, especially if it relates to social justice and gender equality.

Why Web Development?

After earning my Bachelor's degree in sociology and my Master's in human rights with a focus on preventing violence against women, I noticed a gap in the market: a lack of tech knowledge and utilization in the nonprofit/NGO space. Realizing this, I undertook a four-month coding boot camp that would give me the tools I needed to fill this gap. With a preexisting passion for social justice and now possessing knowledge of multiple programming languages and databases, I am ready to help you and your organization take the next step into the digital space!



I have knowledge and experience in front-end, back-end, design, and troubleshooting.

Human Rights

I have both academic and practical experience in every aspect of human rights, from international law to on-the-ground implementation.


As an artist and a singer/songwriter, my work focuses largely on themes of social justice.


I have experience teaching classes, leading seminars, and providing one-to-one tutoring.

Web Development Projects




HR Site: Governmental Agency

Art Portfolio

Articles & Presentations

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